DesiTorrents (DT) is an invite only community. By opening our doors through the application, we want to give an opportunity to those who may not have been able to receive an invitation and truly want to be active members of our community.

Please do not apply if you ever had an account with DT. Use our Support system to recover your account instead.

Please don't use any temporary emails. There's a system in place that disables and removes such throwaway accounts.)

We will not accept ratio proof from "Pay to Leech" trackers like IPT and the likes of it. Pay to Leech trackers are where you can pay to buy upload credits/data to balloon up your ratio without actually contributing to the community.

Screenshots of your private tracker profiles(Minimum 2, Recommended 3)
  • We need to look at your existing private tracker stats to understand your torrenting habits. Heavy leechers who do not seed back aren't welcome here.
  • Make sure your ratio and DL/UP stats can be seen.
  • Create a screenshot of your private tracker profile, upload it somewhere (like Imgur or ImgBB) and paste the URL below.

  • Links to your private tracker profiles (Minimum 2, Recommended 3)
  • In order to make sure the screenshots you posted above are valid, we may additionaly browse your profiles.
  • Please set your paranoia levels to a value where your ratio and download/upload stats can be seen by another member.
  • Open your private tracker profile, copy the URL (like and paste it below.

  • Notes:
  • Important: Merely completing this application does not mean that you will receive an invitation. Your proofs will decide whether your application will be accepted or not.
  • It may take some time to review your application as it is a manual process
  • Accepted applications will get invite on Email ID so after filling this application check your email regularly for next 7 days.